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What's new?
○ 2017 JAHS Western Division Meeting
Chairs: USHIROSHOJI Masahiro and ECHIZEN Toshiya
Date/time: January 21, 2017 (Sat.), starts at 13:30
Location: Conference Room, 4th Floor, School of Letters, Hakozaki Campus, Kyusyu University
Access: https://www.kyushu-u.ac.jp/en/campus/hakozaki
Research Reports(presented in Japanese):
“A Reconsideration of the Tsuchigumo Sôshi Emaki’s Production Date and Artist”
SOUTOME Harue (The University of Kitakyushu)
“Reconsidering Zhao Mengfu’s Position in the History of Chinese Calligraphy: Analyzing the Character Form and Line Qualities in Xuan miao guan chong xiu san men ji juan
NEGORO Takaaki (Doshisha University)

(10/1/2017 update)

○ 2016 JAHS Eastern Division Meeting
Chair: UCHIDA Keiichi
Date/time: January 28, 2017 (Sat.), starts at 14:00
Location: Classroom 681, Building No. 36, Toyama Campus, Waseda University
Access: http://www.waseda.jp/top/assets/uploads/2014/08/edb11e6c82861fa22b605950bcfdee00.pdf
Research Reports(presented in Japanese):
“A Study of Christian Girl Asazuma with Cherry Blossoms by Kurihara Gyokuy”
TADOKORO Tai (Tokyo National Research Institute for Cultural Properties)
“The Ascension and the Theophany: An Image of Episcopal Authority in the Basilica of San Pietro in Tuscania”
ITO Rei (Waseda University)

(25/12/2016 update)
○ 2016 JAHS Eastern Division Meeting
Chair:NAITO Masato
Date/time: November 26, 2016 (Sat.), starts at 14:00
Location: Classroom 443, 4th Floor, South School Building Mita Campus, Keio University
Access: See: https://www.keio.ac.jp/en/maps/mita.html
Research Reports(presented in Japanese):
“Soga Shôhaku and Hanabusa Itchô”
MABUCHI Miho (Kobe City University of Foreign Studies)
“From Craft to Art: The Urushi Lacquer Artist Takahashi Setsuro’s Works in the 1950s-1960s Utilizing the Sgraffito Technique”
MINAMI Yuriko (Yanagi Sori Design Memorial, Kanazawa College of Art)
Paysage avec une femme se lavant les pieds de Nicolas Poussin (Ottawa): Vertumne au Vélabre”
FUKUDA Kyoko (Keio University)

(21/11/2016 update)

○ 2016 JAHS Western Division Meeting
Chairs: KONO Michifusa and HIRAKAWA Kayo
Date/time: September 17 (Sat.), 2016, starts at 13:30
Location: RY408, 4th Floor, Ryoshinkan, Imadegawa Campus, Doshisha University
Access: https://www.doshisha.ac.jp/en/information/campus/access/imadegawa.html
Research Reports(presented in Japanese):
“Landscapes in India Ink by Takeuchi Seiho in His Later Years: His Innovation of ‘Suiboku Sansui’ and His Subjective Expression Using the ‘Hatuboku’ Technique”
FUJIKI Akiko (Kyoto City University of Arts)
“Rethinking Monet and ‘Decoration’: Focusing on an Analysis of Changing Values”
KAMEDA Kosuke (Kobe University)

(21/11/2016 update)

○ 2016 JAHS Eastern Division Meeting
Chair:SUGA Miho
Date/time: October 1 (Sat.) 2016, starts at 14:00
Location: Section 1: Classroom 3, Central Building, Faculty of Fine Art
Section 2: Classroom 4, Central Building, Faculty of Fine Art
Ueno Campus, Tokyo University of the Arts
Access: See: http://www.geidai.ac.jp/access/ueno
Research Reports(presented in Japanese):
Section 1 Chair: SUGA Miho (Tokyo University of the Arts)
“A Reconsideration of Night Attack on the Sanjô Palace, from the Illustrated Scrolls of the Events of the Heiji Era”
KANAI Hiroko (Special Exhibition Planning, Curatorial Research Department, Tokyo National Museum)
“Ogata Korin’s Time in Edo and Changes in His Brushwork—Focusing on A Budding Plum Tree by Ogata Korin in the Freer Gallery of Art”
EMURA Tomoko (National Research Institute for Cultural Properties, Tokyo)
Section 2 Chair: KOSHIKAWA Michiaki (Tokyo University of the Arts)
“The Garden of the Medici Villa at Castello under the Reign of Cosimo I de’Medici: The Fountain of Hercules and Antaeus and Its Interpretation”
TOMOOKA Maho (Tokyo University of the Arts)
“Accademia del Disegno and Artist Portraits:A Study on Three Paintings in the Cappella dei Pittori”
FURUKAWA Moe (JSPS Postdoctoral Fellow, Tokyo University of the Arts)

(13/9/2016 update)

○ 2016 JAHS Western Division Meeting
Chairs: FUJIOKA Yutaka and SUGAWARA Mayumi
Date/time: September 17 (Sat.), 2016, starts at 13:30
Location: Assembly Hall, Osaka University Hall, Toyonaka Campus, Osaka University
Access: http://www.osaka-u.ac.jp/en/access/toyonaka
Research Reports(presented in Japanese):
“Hamada Shôji’s Stylistic Changes and Korean Ceramics: Focusing on the Sugarcane Motif”
BAE Sujung (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science and Graduate School, Kansai University)
“Lee Uiyang’s Paintings After Tani Bunchô—Using a Note by Tani Bunchô to Consider How Relationships between Japan and Joseon were Built through Writing and Painting”
KATAYAMA Mariko (Ph.D. Candidate, Kyoto Institute of Technology)

(9/4/2016 update)
○ 2016 JAHS Western Division Meeting
Chairs: Nakamura Toshiharu, Fukaya Michiko
Date/time: July 16, 2016 (Sat.), starts at 13:30
Location: LLecture Room 4, 4th Floor, Campus Plaza Kyoto, The Consortium of Universities in Kyoto
Access: http://www.consortium.or.jp/about-cp-kyoto/access
Research Reports(presented in Japanese):
Egon Schiele’s Seated Male Nude (Self-Portrait): A Reconsideration of its Relationship to Secessionist Tradition
Shimouchi Akira (Graduate School of Letters, Kyoto University)
“The Development of Nagasawa Rôsetsu’s Painting Style before and after Studying under Maruyama Ôkyo: Focusing on Two Newly Discovered Works Signed “Ushu”
Okada Hideyuki (Miho Museum)

(6/16/2016 update)
○ 2016 JAHS Eastern Division Meeting
Chair:Aizawa Masahiko
Date/time: July 23, 2016 (Sat.), starts at 14:00
Location: Classroom 321, 2nd Floor, University Building No. 3, Seijo University
Access: See: http://www.seijo.ac.jp/en/about/contact/access.html
and campus map at: http://www.seijo.ac.jp/en/about/contact/campus.html
Research Reports(presented in Japanese):
“A Stylistic Analysis of The Illustrated Scroll of Illnesses
Yamamoto Satomi (Kyoritsu Women’s University)
“The Creation of Ippen Hijiri-e and the Ritsu Sect in the Medieval Era”
Seya Ai (Tokyo National Museum)

(13/2/2016 update)
○ Sahoko Tsuji Memorial Lecture Series ―Forth Lecture
Die Kunst des Hieronymus Bosch und die Kuntgeschichte
—Nils Büttner (Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart)

Fragen an Johannes Vermeer
—Gregor J. M. Weber (Rijksmuseum Amsterdam)

*Lectures are delivered in German with consecutive interpretation into Japanese.

Date/Time: 24 September 2016 (Sat.), 13:00 – 17:00 (doors open at 12:30)
Location: First Floor Lecture Hall, National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto
Access: http://www.momak.go.jp/English/directions.html
Organizer: Japan Art History Society
Further information, please contact:
  Japan Art History Society
  University Co-operative Association
  Wada 3-30-22, Suginami-ku, Tokyo 166-8532
  Tel: 03-5307-1175
  E-mail: jahs@univcoop.or.jp

(6/4/2016 update)

○ Joint Symposium of the East and West Division Museum Committees
“Beyond Boundaries: For the Curators of the Future”

Date: 16 April 2016 (Sat.), 10:30 – 16:30 (doors open at 10:00)
Location: Lecture Hall, National Museum of Art, Osaka
Access: For directions see:
Organizer: JAHS and the National Museum of Art, Osaka
With the support of:
  the Japanese Council of Art Museums, Japan Association for Arts Management and the Association for the Study of Cultural Resources
Symposium Overview:
   Amidst the challenging environment confronting museums today, we must focus on the activities of curators. They will need to see new possibilities, overcome many constraints and difficulties. We will investigate their role and the issues they face as we look towards the future form of museums.
 The situation confronting museums includes harsh economic realities along with the diverse needs of the local population, and the limitations of the existing methodologies for museum operations. In these circumstances we must discover and make connections beyond existing frameworks and viewpoints.
 This symposium focuses on the individuals and institutions that can expand the potential of museums and work amidst various restrictions, as they permeate local society and adapt to a more flexible network. The presentations will explore both the potential and issues facing museums today, such as Kusumoto (Tsunagi Art Museum) and Kushino on continuing activities that link with local society and take a unique vantage point in spite of being small-scale museums hampered by inadequate budgets or staff numbers; Inaniwa (Tokyo Metropolitan Museum) on creating a new image of museums through active educational outreach and linking with regional museums; Kudô (Aomori Museum of Art) on searching for new links between regional public art museums, and Yamauchi (Rias Ark Museum of Art) on showing a museum’s commitment to regional society through the display of how disaster effects are an important element of regional culture.
Program :
10:00 Registration Opens
10:30 Organizer’s Message: Suzuki Hiroyuki (representing JAHS)
Organizer’s Message: Yamanashi Toshio (Director, National Museum of Art, Osaka)
10:45 – 11:00 Symposium Overview: Ushiroshôji Masahiro
11:00 – 11:30 Presentation 1: Kusumoto Tomoo (Tsunagi Art Museum)
11:30 – 12:00 Presentation 2: Kushino Nobumasa (Curator/formerly of the Tomonotsu Museum)
12:00 – 13:00 Break
13:00 – 13:30 Presentation 3: Inaniwa Sawako (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum)
13:30 – 14:00 Presentation 4: Kudô Takeshi (Aomori Museum of Art)
14:00 – 14:30 Presentation 5: Yamauchi Hiroyasu (Rias Ark Museum of Art)
14:30 – 14:50 Break
14:50 – 16:30 Discussion and Questions
Moderator: Kawanami Chizuru
Handout: Here
Further information, please contact:
Japan Art History Society (JAHS)
University Co-operative Association
Wada 3-30-22, Suginami-ku, Tokyo 166-8532
Tel: 03-5307-1175
E-mail: jahs@univcoop.or.jp

  E-mail: jahs@univcoop.or.jp

(3/11/2016 update)
○ Sahoko Tsuji Memorial Lecture Series ―Third Lecture
Paintings and Inscriptions in Cappadocia as a Source on the Audience
Catrine Jolivet-Lévy (Paris University I).
Date: March 27 (Sun.), 2016
Location: Classroom 581, Building 36, Toyama Campus, Waseda University
Access: https://www.waseda.jp/top/en/access/toyama-campus
Campus Map:
 Catherine Jolivet-Lévy (Paris University I), the premier scholar on the history of the art of Cappadocia.
 This lecture is given in conjunction with the symposium “Byzantine Cappadocia,” funded by the Sahoko Tsuji Memorial Fund for the Promotion of Art Historical Study.
Organizer: Japan Art History Society
Co-organizer: Japan Association for Byzantine Studies
With the support of:
  Research Institute for Letters, Arts and Sciences, Waseda University
Program :
 10:00~10:30 Sahoko Tsuji . From the Early Christian Art to Cappadocia
  10:40~11:10 Painting Techniques and Vandalism of the Wall Paintings of Üzümlü Church (Chapel of Niketas the Stylite) in Red Valley, Cappadocia
  Yoko TANIGUCHI (Tsukuba University)
  11:20~11:50 On the Compositions of the Dormition of the Virgin in Church Decorations in Cappadocia
  Kazuhumi TAKEDA (Waseda University)
  11:50~13:00 Break
  13:00~13:30 A Preliminary Essay of the Fresco Program Emphasizing "the Crucifixion” in Cappadocia
  Saeko II (Tokai University)
  13:40~14:10 Can the Identical Iconography Connote Different Meanings? : Examples of Fresco Decoration in Cappadocian Churches
  Mika TAKIGUCHI (Meiji University)
  14:30~15:00 Çarıklı Kilise Reconsidered: Its Iconographic Program and Liturgy
  Hirohumi SUGAWARA (Kanazawa University)
  15:10~15:40 Christ and the Twelve Apostles in the Cappadocian Church Decoration
   Tomoyuki MASUDA (Waseda University)
  16:00~17:00 Special Lecture(presented in English)
Paintings and Inscriptions in Cappadocia as a Source on the Audience
  Catherine Jolivet-Lévy (Paris University I)

  17:00~18:00 Discussion
  18:00~20:00 Reception
Further information, please contact:
  Japan Art History Society
  University Co-operative Association
  Wada 3-30-22, Suginami-ku, Tokyo 166-8532
  Tel: 03-5307-1175
  E-mail: jahs@univcoop.or.jp

(2/26/2016 update)
○ 2016 JAHS Western Division Meeting
Chairs: INAMOTO Yasuo and NAMIKI Seishi
Date/time: March 19 (Sat), 2016, starts at 13:30
Location: Lecture Hall, The Museum Yamato Bunkakan, 1-11-6 Gakuenminami,
Nara-shi 631-0034
Access: http://www.kintetsu.jp/yamato/access/index.html
Research Reports(presented in Japanese):
A Reappraisal of the Nirvana of the Buddha by lù xìn zhōng, Focusing on Iconographical Origins and the way to use
TAKASHI Midori (Osaka University)
Identification the painter of the portrait "Mohri Motokane; from comparing the portrait “Rei hime” painted by KANO Hogai
SEKINE Kaori (Shimonoseki City Art Museum)

(2/26/2016 update)
○ 2016 JAHS Eastern Division Meeting
Chair:Yasuhiro SATÔ
Date/time: April 2 (Sat.), 2016, starts at 14:00
Location: Large Lecture Hall No. 1, 2nd Floor, Faculty of Law & Letters Bldg. 2, Hongô Campus, University of Tokyo
Access: Campus map PDF in English here
Research Reports(presented in Japanese):
Illustrated Scrolls of the Tale of Genji in the Mohri Museum Collection
Aya RYUSAWA (Kinjo Gakuin University)
A Study of the Model Paintings by Kanô Tan’yû and His Followers: Kanô Tan’yû’s Studies of the Ancient Masters Albums
Asami NODA (Shizuoka Prefectural Museum of Art)

(13/2/2016 update)
○ General Meeting of the Western Division of the Japan Art History Society
Chair: IKEDA Yûko
Title: “Textiles and Art: Their Borderless Potential”
Date/time: February 6, 2016 (Sat.) 13:30 – 17:00 (venue opens at 13:00)
Location: First Floor Lecture Hall, National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto
Limited to: 100 participants (first come, first in, no prior reservations taken) *Please exchange symposium announcement postcard for a complementary entrance ticket at the 1st Floor Information Desk (valid only on the day of the symposium)
Program Summary: Textiles are one of the essential “objects” in human life. People have always protected themselves and their daily lives through the acts of spinning, weaving and dyeing. In Europe there has been a recent succession of openings of new museums dedicated to textiles and re-designed displays, with various exhibitions featuring textiles as their central theme. These exhibitions have gone beyond the usual simple introduction of textiles as “objects”, providing stimulating experiments in evoking a higher social position for the medium by displaying textiles alongside other forms of art works and historical materials and indicating how closely linked the principles of textile creation are to the creation of art works in general. This symposium will consider the current state of textile exhibitions in Japan and their related issues and how they can be improved in the future. Through the panelists’ reports, let’s consider how to present textiles, and indeed decorative arts in general, from all the more appealing vantage points.
Program (In Japanese Only):
13:30 Opening Remarks
13:40 – 14:10 Panel 1 “Textile History Research that Leads to Exhibitions”
YAMAKAWA Aki (Kyoto National Museum)
14:10 – 14:40 Panel 2 “Modern Textile Materials and Display – Activity in Yûzen Dyeing and Development of its Models”
FUJIMOTO Keiko (Kyoto Prefectural Library and Archives)
14:40 – 15:10 Panel 3 “Where the Thread Leads –"Beyond the Thread" and "Katagami and A Universe of Flowers”
TAKEGUCHI Koji (Fukuoka Prefectural Museum of Art)
15:10 – 15:40 Panel 4 “Fashion as Exhibition. Then, Mannequins…”
HAMADA Kunio (Kobe Fashion Museum)
15:40 – 16:00 Break
16:00 – 17:00 Discussion Moderator: IKEDA Yûko (National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto)
Notes: Current exhibitions at MOMAK

3rd Floor:
Shimura Fukumi

4th Floor:
5th Collection Gallery Exhibition 2015-16, with displays related to the Symposium.
Further information, please contact the JAHS Western Division Office at gakkaiwest@gmail.com

(25/1/2016 update)
○ 2016 JAHS Eastern Division Meeting
Chair: Yasujirô ÔTAKA
Date/time: January 23 (Sat.), 2016, starts at 14:00
Location: Classroom 2219 (Art History Practice Room), 2nd Floor, Building 39, Toyama Campus, Wasada University
Access: Campus map PDF in English here
Research Reports(presented in Japanese):
Kay Sage’s Eggs -- From Her Relationship with Her Mother
Takashi NAGAO (Seijo University)
Viewer Participation in Jackson Pollock’s Art: The Reception of Dewey’s Aesthetics
Mizuki KISHI (Waseda University)

(27/12/2015 update)
○ 2016 JAHS Western Division Meeting
Chairs: Ushirokoji Masahiro and Fujioka Yutaka
Date/time: January 23 (Sat.), 2016, starts at 13:30
Location: 4th Floor Conference Room, School of Letters 4th Floor, Faculty of Humanities District, Hakozaki Campus, Kyushu University, Kyoto
Access: http://www.kyushu-u.ac.jp/english/university/location/map.php
Research Reports(presented in Japanese):
The Reception of Western Painting as Seen in Hyong-nok Yi’s Chaekkado ― Focusing on Perspective and Chiarascuro
Miyeon PARK (Doshisha University)
Liu Jintang’s Qixitu and Taiwan Yimintu: An East Asian Perspective
Jessica Tsaiji LYU-HADA (Kyushu University/Fukuoka University)

(2/11/2015 update)

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